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" It has been a pleasure to work alongside Mel for a number of years now. Over that time, she has successfully treated many of my patients and the feedback from the people she has treated has always been very positive. Mel has now helped a number of my patients recover from musculoskeletal problems and her help has always been valuable, not only in the immediate recovery period but also in getting people back to healthy exercise regimes & Pilates for long-term benefit"


Dr Andy King, Consultant in Pain Medicine

" I was referred to Mel around 6 years ago by another physiotherapist who had improved my situation as far as he could and suggested that Mel would be able to help me from that point onwards. In my late forties I had developed such severe muscle spasms and back pain that I couldn't actually stand up straight but nor could I lay down. I saw a number of Physios who helped to varying degrees but still needed powerful painkillers just to function relatively normally. I credit Mel with getting me into a pain free position where I no longer take any pain killers at all and lead a perfectly normal life where I am active and no longer fear a return of the debilitating pain I suffered for several years. Her initial rehabilitation followed by regular Pilates sessions with her has made all the difference"

Tim Lowe, Happy client

"I have been attending Mel’s Pilates classes for over five years, both in person and, more recently, by Zoom.  Mel is a physiotherapist by profession and tailors her classes to suit the needs of her students which gives me confidence and reassurance when taking part.   The classes are very enjoyable and entertaining and often hard work!  I always finish feeling that I have been thoroughly challenged.  I very much hope to be attending Mel’s classes for many years to come!"

Jane Boyle, Loyal Pilates client

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